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Condado Neighborhood

Condado is a beautiful, historically upper class neighborhood on the north shore of Puerto

Rico, nestled between the Atlantic ocean and the alluring Condado lagoon, it is mere

minutes away by car, public transportation, taxis from Old San Juan, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the artsy districts of Miramar, Santurce, and the brand new Convention Center district where conventions, events and concerts are held frequently.


This self contained community is a rare gem in the metro area of Puerto Rico with beautiful views of the water on every corner, a great variety of stores, world renown restaurants, amenities and activities that satisfies all tastes and needs.


Condado and it’s surrounding areas are very pedestrian friendly and with many

transportation options, a rare occurrence on this island.  Easily walkable and with bike

lanes, this vibrant community is very tourist friendly but not as crowded  as Old San

Juan.  During the process of industrialization of Puerto Rico in the 50’s and the 60’s a

couple of classic big hotels were built like the Condado Hilton and La Concha Resort

with it’s respective casinos, beautiful lobbies, posh clubs, poolside and beachfront bars  

that are very popular with both the tourist and local crowds.  The beaches in Condado

although on the “city” are very beautiful and perfect for sunbathing and swimming,

aquatic sports like kayaking and paddle boarding are very popular in the lagoon and there

are rental places if you don’t have your own, biking and running are also practiced



Condado is also a classy residential area, with all the facilities and amenities that that

conveys, it has the Presbyterian hospital, one of the most renown medical centers on the

Caribbean and many, many specialists offices in the area.  Plenty of parks and plazas for

every taste, small beachfront venue where afternoon jazz concerts and organic markets

are held on the week ends, stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, private and public schools.


Condado, although self contained, is surrounded by several of the most

vibrant and interesting neighborhoods in PR.  Old San Juan, with its

cobblestone streets,  picturesque houses, artists  and bars that give it a different life at night.


Miramar and Santurce are also very close  and reachable easily by car or public transportation. In these districts there are a variety of

movie theaters, restaurants, the art center of Bellas Artes where world renown act and

plays are showed frequently.  Santurce has been rejuvenated in the last few years and has

a lively atmosphere with entire sections of building size graffitis made by artist from

around the world, very popular festivals and music on every corner, plenty of restaurants,

bars opening continually.


East of Condado mere minutes away you will find Ocean Park and Isla Verde with it’s

beautiful not crowded during the week long beaches where you can relax at your leisure

or practice sports like kite surfing and volleyball, plenty of restaurants and bars also are